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GT PGA TOUR Clubhouse Edition Owner’s Guide Page

Welcome to an exciting new world of Golden Tee PGA TOUR! Here you will learn how to install your game, get online, maximize your playing experience and access customer service.

Standard Model

Once it's out of the box, it's basically ready to go. Connect the supplied power cable to the rear of the cabinet. Then, connect the supplied HDMI cable to both the HDMI port on your 4K TV and then the HDMI port at the rear corner of the cabinet. You can also connect an ethernet cable here if you don't have access to Wi-Fi and wish to connect your game online.

Deluxe Model

Once your Showpiece cabinet is unboxed, you can start putting together and connecting the TV Stand. Please follow these instructions to get your Deluxe Model TV stand built and connected to your game!

After your build and connect your Golden Tee PGA TOUR Clubhouse Edition TV Stand, you can plug in the power cord to the cabinet, connect the HDMI cable (included) from the system box to your 4K television of choice and you’re ready to go!

Get Online

To access the Golden Tee PGA TOUR Clubhouse Edition’s online features, you will need to register your game cabinet with Incredible Technologies. Once you have done so, a member of our team will let you know that your game subscription has been activated.

Your game comes with a Wi-Fi dongle pre-installed that will allow you to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

To connect your game to Wi-Fi once your subscription is active, follow these steps:
  1. Access Operator Adjustables using the red setup button located under the right side of of the player control panel and above the drink holders.
  2. Using the trackball, select “ITNET Settings”
  3. Select “Communication Settings”
  4. Select “Configure Wi-Fi Settings”
  5. Select “Scan”
    • If your Network is not found it is possible to manually enter the name of your Network by selecting Add Network at the bottom of the list of available Networks.
  6. Enter Password. Then select Done. (It will take anywhere from 30 seconds to four minutes for the game to connect to the Wi-Fi Network.) If no connection is made after four minutes, the attempt automatically times out. In the event of a failed connection, reboot the machine. Check all USB connections and ensure that your Network is online before a second connection attempt.
  7. Navigate to ITNet Settings>Connection Tests and select Force Call to ITNET.
  8. Once connected to ITNET the game is online and ready for play.

You may also connect an ethernet cable to the system box through the rear access panel.

Get Online to Maximize Your Experience

In order to ensure you have access to all of the Golden Tee PGA TOUR Clubhouse Edition’s most exciting features, you need a GT Player Account, the GT PGA TOUR Caddy app and your 10-digit cardless ID or a Digital NFC Player Card!

Player Account: Track your stats, contest history, all-time bests and more. Monitor your gameplay progress from Golden Tee LIVE and Golden Tee PGA TOUR. If you don’t have an account, now is the time to create one.

Cardless ID & Digital Player Card: If you already have an existing Golden Tee LIVE account that you log in to at or on the GT Caddy app, you can use that account information to log into the brand-new GT PGA TOUR Caddy app!

Once you are logged in, head to the “Account” section. There you can create or edit your 10-digit cardless ID (enter this on your game’s touchscreen when checking in) or you can download your Digital NFC Player Card (tap your device to the NFC reader when checking in)!

GT Caddy: Setup private contests, dress your golfer, access your greatest YouTube™ shots and more. Download the GT PGA TOUR Caddy for your iOS and Android device and take the game with you no matter where you go!